Friday, August 5, 2011

Desperate Times Call for Creativity!

What a busy summer it has been! With working my retail job, house and baby sitting, taking an online summer class, spending time with my family and friends at home, attempting to be prepared for an upcoming CLEP test, and trying to get everything lined up for my senior year at at Johnson University, "So much to do and so little time" is beginning to feel like quite the understatement.

Yet among the craziness these last few weeks at home have brought, I have been able to squeeze in some time to catch up on some of my favorite pastimes. I couldn't be more thankful for time to just relax my mind and body! As funds are rather low for school this year, I have spent some of my "me-time" sewing and it has been a blast!! (I know - I sound like a house-wife from the 50's ;) I've been able to sell a few of the purses I designed myself and took my first whack at making shorts out of an old t-shirt ealier this week. I always jump at the opportunity to make and save money! Here are just a few of the projects I've worked on recently.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired to be creative in your own unique ways!

I just sold this purse to a wonderful lady from my church: This one is the same design, just different colors :)
I found this t-shirt in the free closet at school last year (BEFORE): T-shirt AFTER - a comfy new pair of pj shorts! :)