Sunday, March 18, 2012

Korea Bound!

One of my biggest fears as I looked toward graduation this May was that I would get my diploma, move back home, and just get comfortable.  I love everything about home - my family, my friends, my church fellowship, the familiarity.  But I also know myself well enough to realize it would be easy for me to fall back into the mundaneness of life if I moved back to Maryland at this time.  With this knowledge I began asking God for opportunities that would grow and stretch me, my worldview, and my faith.

I had no idea what this opportunity would look like, though I definitely felt the tug of my heart toward youth and community work.  Looking into several different organizations and jobs/volunteer positions, nothing really stuck out to me at first, but I was encouraged to keep looking.  In January I got a text from my brother Aaron about a teaching position with a Christian organization in South Korea.  Connexus Language Institute has been teaching English to adults outside Seoul for years, but just this December started an after school program for children and were in of teachers who would commit for a year to developing the program.  Aaron forwarded me the information and I was in contact with Connexus right away.  I had so many questions for them, all of which they answered thoroughly and promptly - the more I found out the more it seemed too good to be true!

It took me nearly two weeks to send my application after I had completed it.  I'm not sure why I waited so long - whether it be fear of getting the job or fear of rejection.  Less than 24 hours of hitting the "send" button, I received a reply that the president of Connexus and his wife wanted to have a Skype interview with me!  Now it began to feel more and more real.  Though I still was not sure if this is where I was supposed to be - I always wanted to travel but not live overseas - I decided to enter my interview with an open mind.  The interview was complete confirmation; as soon as our conversation was over, I told some friends: "If they offer me the job, I wont be able to say no!"  Sure enough, after a week of waiting in anticipation (and not being able to focus on absolutely anything except Korea :), I received an email inviting me to join the Connexus community!

Knowing that I possess the sometimes terrible ability to talk myself into or out of absolutely any situation or feeling, I have been journaling throughout this entire journey.  As I look over the pages of entry I have written these last two months, I can find no error or doubt in this decision to go!  Of course, some of the gittyness has begun to wear off as I move from shock to starting the process of paper work, background checks, and looking into getting my visa.  There is so much to do and learn these next few wee and months in order to be set for leaving in August!

Please be in prayer for me, as though this is an exciting time, it would be a lie to say that my heart lacks fear.  The idea of living in a new culture with a language and people so unfamiliar (let alone teaching!) scares me, but it also ignites the fire inside my soul.  I just want to be His hands and feet, no matter in what corner of the world He places me!

Seeking Him, ~Katelynn

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