Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Change in Departure Date

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Connexus asking if I would consider delaying my departure from the original plan of August to the end of September or October this fall.  While the afterschool program there is growing steadily, they now have enough teachers to get by until October, when new students will join the program.  They were very gracious and told me that if this is too inconvenient, they would love to have me in August as first planned.  While I was very excited about the quickly approaching move, I saw no point in me going if I was not yet needed. (Besides, the thought of having a few extra months at home sounded great - not to mention relieved a little stress.) And so, I agreed to wait till this fall to fly over.

In the meantime, I am continuing work at my retail job, learning more about the Korean language and culture (in hopes of avoiding at least a little culture shock ;), and soaking up every minute spent with my family and friends.  My prayer is that God will use this extra time at home to prepare my heart and mind for whatever it is that lies ahead this year in South Korea.

Seeking Him, ~Katelynn

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