Friday, June 28, 2013

Come Walk With Me

I have been walking to work everyday. The walk is so peaceful, with beautiful scenery and stillness - the perfect start to my day.  (Not to mention good exercise too...with all this food I have been eating...yikes!) It only takes about 15-20 minutes from home to the office where we teach.  During the seasonal extremes - rainy season (which we are entering), the heat of August, and the bitter winter months - I will have to use alternative transportation.  

So I am taking advantage of this beautiful trek for as long as possible. 


I start with the hill, right outside my apartment. Sturdy shoes would be a good choice, especially for this part of the trip...but it's hot so I decide on flimsy sandals instead.
You win some, you lose some.

This is the view behind me - where country meets city.
I really love this tree!

Along the way, I scan the bushes for newly ripened berries.
They are delicious and (so far) not poisonous...

I look over my shoulder and see home - where the Connexus community (with the exception of a few) lives on the 4th floor. We also get to take advantage of the rooftop!

These little "daises" grow everywhere - they are just so sweet! 

The view from the top of the path - these steps are slippery after the rain!
So today I hold on to the rope..

At the bottom, I fill my water bottle with fresh spring water.
I am starting to get hot with my jeans and heavy backpack!

An elderly Korean man greets me with a smile and a very clear English:
"Have a nice day!"
I return the greeting and smile ear to ear at his gesture.  I cannot wait to learn more Korean so I can make someone's day by a simple attempt to greet them in their native tongue.

Every Friday there is an open market along the street.  They are just setting up!

Here is where we work. Yes, we share a building with Dunkin' Donuts.
(And no, I do NOT eat there everyday ;))

5th floor of JoongAng Plaza!

And now, ready for a great day! 
(Sorry a little blurry!)

Shalom, ~Kate

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally Here

That's right! It's been a year coming and I am finally in South Korea! After a long but fairly uneventful flight, I arrived in Seoul Thursday afternoon with a very warm welcome from the Connexus community.  This weekend has been mostly devoted to adjusting to life here, with some time spent at the office and resting as I prepare for orientation on Monday.  It is all so surreal!

Jet lag hasn't seemed to do too much damage, though today, having nothing on my agenda, I am feeling more tired than usual. I will post an entry of more substance next week as I gain a routine.  But for now, here are a few pictures!

* * * 

Mom, Dad, me, and Nate before heading to the airport Wednesday morning - they're looking good for 3am ;)

 A stick figure representation of the Connexus team at the office (in case you can't tell by the hair, that is me on the end..hehe):

One of the views from the rooftop of our apartment; so happy we have mountains!