Monday, April 28, 2014

Remembering: A Sewol Memorial

Tour buses shuttled people to and from the Ansan Olympic Museum where there is a 24 hour mass memorial for students of nearby Danwon High School, victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy.

So many people were gathered that a maze-like line was set up for mourners to walk through in order to slow down the pace...two young boys avoided the long zig-zagged line by crouching under their umbrella until their parents looped around again.

Friends and families of all ages appeared; many with expressions of despair, yet some, like this little guy - so full of life. In many ways, I envied his ignorance.

Signs were hung along the walkway where messages and prayers could be written.  Strings of yellow remembrance ribbons lined the sidewalk as the procession trailed onward.

The flowers were gone, after thousands upon thousands had visited since first opening on Thursday, so as we entered the community center we were handed small black ribbons to lay at the "altar." Large groups gathered and a man led us in a moment of silent prayer. We followed by laying the ribbons at the foot of the memorial wall of fresh flowers and photographs. The blanket of ribbons was so deep; I wondered how many had been laid before I gently offered mine. A woman beside me wept uncontrollably. My tears streamed down in the same manner. An attendant at the exit saw my drenched cheeks and handed me clean tissues without missing a beat. I thanked her. She bowed. I bowed in return, clumsily..

I arrived at home with hours to dedicate to report card writing, lesson planning and that lingering pile of laundry that naggingly calls my name. Yet here I remain; with nothing accomplished but a heavy heart and a kindred blog post. I try to close my eyes but the faces of students are tattooed in my mind.

Lord, be here.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Resurrection Reflections

A journal excerpt, Easter Sunday 2014

"The sun is shining, the air is warm, the eggs are dyed and the new dress fits to a T. What a seemingly perfect day to celebrate our risen Lord!

Yet we enter the sanctuary with hearts heavy. It is a few days shy of one week since the devastating Sewol ferry accident. With each passing day, new stories are revealed; stories of children orphaned, loved ones lost, dreams shattered - lives that will never again be the same.

Today, I am reminded of the seriousness of Christ's sacrifice and the vitality of his risen life; I am reminded of how desperately humanity needs him. I pray this knowledge may be our joy are we reflect on the meaning of this day's importance to eternity.

Lord, so many are asking questions today.. wondering where you are; why you allowed this to happen; wondering where the joy of your salvation lies.

But these questions are not new to your ears, are they? You've heard them endless times - you even heard them from Jesus. He asked you to take away his cup; he questioned why you forsake him on the cross as he bore death for all.. Our questions go so far, for we do not know your ways. But your faithfulness - it goes further still.

In the midst of the brokenness, the anger, the loneliness, the despair. Be here.

Lives will never be the same, but Lord, I pray they will one day be whole. Through the power of your risen Son."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Long Time No See

Time has been flying. The faster it goes, the less likely I am to blog - there's too much to say! Here are just some a few highlights from the last two months. Thank goodness I feel the constant need to photo-document everything I do - I'll let the pictures do most of the talking:
  • 2/14 - Valentine's Day with my kiddos was a blast! Though the tradition in Korea is for the girls to give the guys chocolate on this day (it is reversed for White Day in March), we did it western style and had snack parties for all. Also..I discovered these gems in the office before work. They are too pretty not to share. (;
  • 2/22 - I visited the Korean War Museum with Abby. It was a lot to take in, but a really good way to discover more about this fascinating country. I need to visit more museums soon; they're one of my favorite ways to learn!
  • 3/1 - I've begun a loose remineralizing diet (similar to paleo) for health reasons. It's not easy being that I cannot get some of the essential ingredients here (no coconut oil?!) but I am easing into it one step at a time. I am not used to eating so much meat, so I am trying to really trust my body to tell me what I need. Here is a favorite recipe I've made so far: Indian Coconut Fish Curry. YUM-O.

  • 3/15 - We had a goodbye dinner for Juhee, Connexus' head grammar teacher. She is very missed but we are also happy to welcome two great new staff memebers at Connexus!  It's always changing around here - flexibility is key.
  • 3/21 - Sarah and Jong's wedding! It was so special to experience the Korean-style wedding of this great couple. We turned the celebration into a weekend retreat in Sokcho (on the east coast) for the whole Connexus/NARPI/KOPI community!

  • 3/22 - I've always considered myself a mountains kind of girl, but feeling the warm sand underneath my feet literally felt like home. 
  • 3/27 - Spring is here!! This is VERY good news. I haven't needed my winter jacket for two weeks (and yes, I have been keeping track). Ahhhh ~
  • 3/29 - I received a unique gift from a complete stranger..a man saw me eating this (giant) Asian pear at the bus stop, walked up, and gave me this brand new knife as a "present." I think I shocked him by eating the peel. hehe
  • 3/30 - My first batch of homemade remineralizing toothpaste! I had to order the ingredients to the US and then my mom sent them here (international shipping is so steep!). I am hoping this will help with some of the oral problems I have had recently. But regardless, it's fun to make and doesn't taste too bad either!
  • Picnics are one of my absolute favorite things. Kaia, Abby and I hiked up the cemetery hill in our "back yard" for a wonderful view of the mountains. 
  • 3/31 - After three days with no voice, I was finally diagnosed with laryngitis. Doctor's orders? "Don't talk for one week."  Not an easy task for a teacher. I'm so thankful for ALL the people that pulled together to teach my classes yesterday! Their flexibility is such a blessing. And my students - how precious - gave me vitamins and throat drops when they heard I was sick. These kids are seriously the best.
  • I am now in the double digits of my time remaining in Korea - I will be leaving around July 1st! Though I truly anticipate the adventures returning home will bring, I've also realized how much doing and learning there is to do here still! Three months. It's going to fly. Planning to make the most of it.

Prayers for wisdom and discernment are more than welcome as I strive to use my time here wisely, pour myself into teaching, job hunt for opportunities back home and seek the Lord in it all.


PS. Veronica's journal today:

Date: Monday, March 31st, 2014 
Weather: It is like a summer. 
Title: Kate teacher!!! 
Today my mom took backpack to me after piano class. 
But today was story book day so I said I don't need it then she said Kate teacher is sick so her voice didn't come out. 
So our class learn with Kaia teacher and Aile. 
I was a sad a little bit because I can't talk with Kate teacher. 
I am worring because maybe her clod get bad. 
I am so sad when I am thinking that. 
I miss her very much. 
Please, cold come out of Kate teacher!! 
My cold get better after I wrote "Go away!!!" 
So I want Kate teacher get better. 
Kate teacher it will be better!!!