Saturday, April 26, 2014

Resurrection Reflections

A journal excerpt, Easter Sunday 2014

"The sun is shining, the air is warm, the eggs are dyed and the new dress fits to a T. What a seemingly perfect day to celebrate our risen Lord!

Yet we enter the sanctuary with hearts heavy. It is a few days shy of one week since the devastating Sewol ferry accident. With each passing day, new stories are revealed; stories of children orphaned, loved ones lost, dreams shattered - lives that will never again be the same.

Today, I am reminded of the seriousness of Christ's sacrifice and the vitality of his risen life; I am reminded of how desperately humanity needs him. I pray this knowledge may be our joy are we reflect on the meaning of this day's importance to eternity.

Lord, so many are asking questions today.. wondering where you are; why you allowed this to happen; wondering where the joy of your salvation lies.

But these questions are not new to your ears, are they? You've heard them endless times - you even heard them from Jesus. He asked you to take away his cup; he questioned why you forsake him on the cross as he bore death for all.. Our questions go so far, for we do not know your ways. But your faithfulness - it goes further still.

In the midst of the brokenness, the anger, the loneliness, the despair. Be here.

Lives will never be the same, but Lord, I pray they will one day be whole. Through the power of your risen Son."

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