Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking a Whack at Blogging

I haven't had my own blog since Xanga when I was 14 or 15, and Facebook Notes are just not the same. I've seen many different kinds of blogs with purposes from staying in touch with family and friends, to outside networking to for imput and ideas, to promoting a business or organization. However, the blogs of my oldest brother and sister are what inspired me to write one of my own. I am sure the things I write about will change over time, but for now I want to use this as a way to stay connected. Between being a full-time student on Teacher Ed./ESL, working part time, and time with my family and friends here in Tennessee, phone calls to home tend to be an endless game of Tag.

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome - I'm new at all of this! And thank you for dropping in; I promise future posts wont be this boring. ;)

Peace, ~Katelynn


  1. Hi Kate! You deserve a comment! Hope you are well and I'm looking forward to hearing all about life!

  2. Hey, Kate. Just stopping by to say "hi" and thanks for helping sort out the kids' clothes this morning :)

  3. Becky - thanks for stopping by! I hope everything is going well! Miss you.
    Allyson - No problem, you know I like organizing..haha. I was just glad to spend time with you guys! Thank you for helping me set this up!

  4. Hi Kate! I decided to start a blog recently too. I like yours so far and I'm adding it to my RSS feed. -Sarah

  5. Thank you for adding me Sarah! Your blog is wonderful.