Thursday, May 6, 2010

College Countdown

10 - the number of days until I come home!!!!!
9 - the number of months since I decided to change my major to Teacher Education.
8 - the number of minutes it took me to think of something for this row. ;)
7 - the number of hours of sleep I am making myself get each night leading to exams.
6 - the number of days till my niece's 3rd birthday!
5 - the number of finals I will have Monday and Tuesday.
4 - the number of days I am starting to exercise each week.
3 - the number of times I've had to resubmit my application for health insurance (hopefully it will be right this time!)
2 - the number of homework assignments before I am officially a junior!
1 - the number of reasons I have a job - saving for school (the car will have to wait).
0 - the number of times I have regretted getting a college education.


  1. what a fun idea!
    you'll probably see something like this on our blog soon :)

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