Saturday, June 18, 2011


* This poem was written as an assignment for my Hebrew poetry class and addresses the question of theodicy - how can a higher power exist when there is so much pain and suffering in the world? I wont go into all the technical poetic features, just please read and feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you!

Once in a realm not so far away, there was world of pain and suffering;
A world surrounded by the shadow of dejection.
In that place of despair, were people of despair;
Seeking any way out, no matter the cost it bore.

Hearts hungered for something to fill their gaping holes
Uttering words of compromise, while
Rejecting the only glimpse of hope for fear of disillusionment.
Truth struggled to find its way inside the deepest of wounds.

There is another story this world had to tell;
A story of hope, freedom, and light of the most peculiar kind.
Many questioned its existence -
How could light be amidst such darkness?
Could not, should not, light have taken over the hopeless despair?
Perhaps this was a mystery the people were never meant to solve.

Though the whys may not have been for revelation,
There was a truth that stood for anyone who would grasp it.
The people of despair needn’t be anymore when they found light,
Accepting its peace among the whys.

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