Monday, September 5, 2011

My (4) Little Life Lessons

I'm so thankful for the life lessons God teaches me through babysitting. Patience, humility and love never fail to be at the top of the list! The more time I spend watching kids, the higher appreciation I gain for parents who are truly striving to raise up their children in the Lord! It can be so easy to take shortcuts and compromise when you feel spread thin and are simply exhausted.

This weekend I have been so blessed to babysit 4 children on my college campus while their parents are away on a trip. Tonight the eldest of the 4 (11-years-old and the only boy) decided to take a break from video games and came to the kitchen to talk while I was washing dishes. From snakes, to food, to county fairs - we ended up talking for 2 hours!! And it is time I would never regret, even with the monstrous pile of homeworking waiting for me in the other room.

Time spent investing in relationships and in the lives of others is never EVER a waste!

Here is a little piece of what my days have looked like:

- Make breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5: CHECK.
- Play with play dough while listening to Disney songs on Pandora: CHECK.
- Hours of hide-and-seek: CHECK.
- Teach the an origami lesson: CHECK.
- Help the girls decide on a movie to watch (though it may take an hour to just agree): CHECK.
- Make muffins for tomorrow's breakfast: CHECK.
- Keep on top of the seemingly never-ending pile of dirty dishes: CHECK.
- Finish two loads of laundry: CHECK.
- Work on home work for this week: ....well, something had to slide, haha
- Get a shower myself: CHECK!
- Go to bed with time to journal and in the Word: now in process.


  1. Sounds a little like mt days. Well, other than the shower. Like you said...something has to slide :)

  2. Haha this is great kate! thanks for the reminder!! p.s. where is the muffins for the room?! we have to get on that =) - Riss