Sunday, August 11, 2013


Finding joy in the day-to-day:

Tuesdays are journal day for homework and this week I told a student she could write absolutely anything - the only requirement being that the entry must be seven sentences. This is the completed masterpiece I received in response:

8/6/2013 - I will send letter to my tearcher Kate.
To. my forever teacher Kate

Hi! I'm Veronica.
I am so happy because I have very good teacher.
When I didn't saw you, I wonder is she scary, always happy, very good teacher.
And you are very good teacher.
When it was first class I was be at a loss for a word.
But I talk with you long time so I became friendly.
I think you will be my forever teacher ever.^^

Form. your student Veronica

While teaching in Korea is my job right now, I see it as much more than a cultural experience or something to build my 
résumé.  Praying that God will show me how to teach well so that maybe, one day, knowing English will draw these precious children to Him ~

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