Friday, July 26, 2013

Fan-tastic Friday

I love Friday activity days! I relish the time spent with my students simply laughing and enjoying English together. Each week's theme rotates from classroom games, to cooking, group games, and crafts. For today's craft project, we made paper fans. If you have experienced July's humidity in Korea, you understand the significance of these cute yet essential creations.  My classes were small today, as many of the students started summer vacation in the last few days. They have off for a few weeks, and were very envious to hear how much free time kids in America have during the summer months. hehe

Here are a few shots of our day! (Courtesy of my iPod - I, yet again, left my memory card in my computer at home. haha)

Here is my fresh-out-of-phonics class! They are are each
so unique in personality 
but seem to be learning quickly 
(and are as cute as can be).

Here is Allie, one of my highest leveled students. She actually lived in the U.S. with her family for a short time when she was younger.
She and her classmate Sally are always a highlight of my day!

 I could blame the mess on the kiddos...but this is exactly what my table looks like every time I stamp or scrapbook.
I mean, the mess is half of the fun, right?

My weekend agenda:
- The daunting task of writing report cards
- Begin shifting living space to make room for new teachers!
- Prepping for Tuesday - vacation begins!!!!!!

Shalom, ~Kate


  1. My table looks like that when I craft too :) Do you still teach on Monday?

    1. It must run in the family (; Yes - we have to teach 20 days a month, and because of when July's teaching month began, we have to teach tomorrow. But so excited for having the rest of the week free!

  2. Practical, cute crafts. Beautiful, happy faces. I'd say it was a mess made for success!