Sunday, July 21, 2013

101 in 1001

I love lists. 

I have daily to-do lists, lists of people I need to call or write, (never ending) lists of books to read, lists of verses to memorize and situations to lift up in prayer - apparently, I have a list of all my lists, too. hehe  The actions of both writing and rereading lists helps me stay focused and get things accomplished. They help me to prioritize and remind me to consider what is truly important.

This week I discovered a project called 101 in 1001. It started with an online community, but I am pursuing my project independently. 101 goals within 1001 days - that is 2.75 years.  Of the 101, I have written about 30.  I want to have some goals that will carry over my year in Korea, bridging life from here to home, and wherever I will go next. Some to-dos are pretty sort and simple, some will take time and hard work. Some require saving money, some require spending. But after talking with a friend about this project,  I was convicted to make my goals as purposeful as possible. Sometimes I find myself  spending more time thinking about ways people can love me than I do thinking about ways I can invest in people by loving them more. I want each of my goals to somehow be connected to enriching the live of another and to reflecting the light of Christ.  The more life I experience, the more I come to realize how unfulfilling it is to live for myself.

The chorus of a favorite Jenny & Tyler song, Do Not Follow Your Heart, has been on my mind constantly the last few days while beginning to write my 101 in 1001:

Do not follow your heart
If it means you're going to settle when you know there's something better now
You'll be falling apart
Don't you keep holding the lesser when you know it's going to let you down
You are leaving your mark
What you want them to remember when you're gone and can't pretend anymore
What you've loved and you've lived for ~

With those words in mind, the following list serves as a preview of the full project that is to come: 101 goals in 1001 days. Though some goals seem pretty simple or self-seeking, I am adding to the challenge that each task be somehow connected to encouraging, inspiring, enlightening or blessing those whom God has placed in my reach. For some goals, this will require much creativity.  But if I am going to do this, I want to do it the right way. 

  1. Finish a baby quilt
  2. Open an Etsy shop 
  3. Plan a “1st sleepover” with my nieces
  4. Read the complete works of Jane Austen (0/6)
  5. Send flowers to someone who needs a pick-me-up
  6. Memorize the book of 1 Peter
  7. Learn how to play Chess
  8. Teach someone a new skill
  9. Learn the art of book-binding…and share!
  10. Set aside time to seek out and build relationships in my community
  11. Take a palates/yoga class
  12. Research counseling masters programs country-wide
  13. Sew 5 new items of clothing (0/5)
  14. Pick 5 months to pay double on student loan payments (0/5)
  15. Take a local “just-for-fun” course to learn a new skill (swing dancing/ glassblowing/baking)
  16. Host a chocolate-tasting party
  17. Run a 5k for a good cause (because I think that’d be the only thing that would motivate me)
  18. Mentor a middle school girl(s) after school each week for a semester
  19. One month dairy/meat/gluten-free
  20. Build something (wood and power tools to be used)
  21. Day trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
  22. Pick local fruit to can
  23. Go on a multi-day-long hiking trip
  24. Grow a plant from seed
Please feel free to comment thoughts or ideas! I would love some feedback.

Shalom, ~Kate


  1. Great ideas! Please, invite me to the chocolate tasting party :) Also, the nieces would love a sleepover!

    1. Oh yes, you will absolutely be invited!!

      I will probably be more excited about the sleepover than they will, not gonna lie. hehe

  2. The holocaust museum was incredibly hard but great. And I can help you with #7 once you get back.

    1. Yeah, I can only imagine...Most people I know who've gone said they couldn't make it through the whole thing.

      I would LOVE for you to help me with #7!! I tried learning once, from a 6-year-old who played in tournaments. But, I am positive he made up rules as he went. haha