Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Week Recap

It's raining outside, as it has everyday this week. But unlike every other day, I have nowhere to be. What an incredible feeling! Though humid, the rain carries a cool breeze through the apartment, which is so refreshing. I have spent the day catching up on my favorite blogs, flipping through a great read and dreaming of potential ministry opportunities here in Korea. What a prefect day.

A quick week-recap:

1. I have a new niece - Lillian Grace was born Saturday, July 6th. She is 6lb 11oz of beautiful! 

2. I got my first mail from home!!! Those who know me well know just how exciting that really is (I had to refrain from using 10 exclamation points above, haha).

3. As a extension of orientation, I was observed one class everyday by Karen, the head teacher at Connexus. Her thoughts and advice were very insightful and tangible. I am learning so much about the kind of teacher I am and want to become. Which is exciting!

4. Since we have a constant stock of bananas at home, I made banana bread two days in a row this I had missed baking! 

5. This weekend was our staff retreat. Even though most of us already live together, it was refreshing just to have some new scenery!  We stayed in two condos in Yangpyeong, playing some intense games of Dutch Blizt and 4-in-a-line and eating more food than necessary. Saturday we rode rail bikes; sadly I didn't take pictures because the fear rain.. Which, as any other time I decide to leave my camera behind, I soon after regretted.

I cannot believe I am about to enter week 3 of teaching. The time is flying, and I plan to make the most of it!

Shalom, ~Kate


  1. So you can bike and talk at the same time, without having to worry about where you're going :)