Monday, September 16, 2013

I Am Not My Hair

1. I wanted to do something that totally scared me. I've had long hair for majority of my life, why in the world would I chop it all off?? That question was the affirmation that I just needed to do it.

2. I'm in Korea for a year, what better time to branch out and do something drastic? I definitely had a lot of encouragement flowing from my community here - which got me going with this idea in the first place.

I remember meeting a girl my freshman year of university who had the most beautiful hair - color, texture, style - I have ever seen. She didn't have to do anything with it. No products. No maintenance. One day our group of friends met and her hair was gone. She said she felt she depended too much on her hair for confidence and security.  She was always so inspiring to me. No, I don't think every girl should chop off her locks just to build a firm foundation of confidence. But I do think it is good to have time away from those things that are precious to us. Maybe too precious at times. In college, my bestie and I would sing this song by India Arie, somewhat as a joke, on bad hair days. It was in my head a lot over the last few weeks of considering the change:

After some quick research, I found an amazing salon, Hair & Joy, in Hongdae - the same area as the church I've been attending. The stylists there are incredibly qualified AND speak English fairly well - a huge comfort. After church Sunday, Abby and I ventured out.  Abby was awesome - she photo-documented the whole thing and cheered me on constantly. As for the result - I love everything about it. It is low-maintenance, saving me both time and money. I no longer have to think about what to do with my hair - it now has a mind of it's own. And I am just going to embrace it for what it is!

My student's reactions today were so precious! (I had let them know last week, so it wouldn't be a total shock - their last teacher did the same thing. Must be an epidemic..)

Triston: "Fantastic!"
MinSeo: "So beautiful!"
Kipper: "More prettier than other days!"
Veronica: (journal today) "I like her hair very much and she is more prettier then long hair.  And teacher was very pretty in long hair but when she cut it is as pretty as HollyHood girl." 
And, perhaps my favorite: my blue level communicated by pointing to the calendar (September, then October, November, etc.) then ran to our weather poster and pointed to the "snow". They thought it was hilarious that I had long hair in the hot summer and now will have short hair in the cold winter. I've thought it rather ironic myself...hehe

Feeling accomplished.
Feeling lighter (quite literally).
Feeling less dependent upon things that don't truly matter.