Monday, October 7, 2013

A Bubble Tea Breakdown

What a full week it was! Outside of teaching, we had an incredible staff retreat in Puncheon with time together, soaking in the beautiful country quietness and learning more about Restorative Justice. On the weekend some friends and I partnered with Justice for North Korea in a 5k run to raise awareness for refugees who are journeying to Seoul.

Friday morning, I asked God to show me new ways to love people.  Had I known His response prior to my request, perhaps I would have prayed a slightly different prayer. But I didn't. And I am glad of that, now. He has been on this kick of stripping me clean of my pride, so this is how He answered:

Abby's computer broke last week, which is a super bummer. I wanted to buy her something to get through the day so off I went up and down our street until I found a place that seemed to have good bubble tea. But, when I tried to order it, the woman couldn't understand me - I tried English and Korean, and then both again. Nothing but a blank stare. I felt humiliated and just completely dumb. I told her I was sorry (in Korean) and walked out of the cafe holding back the floodgates. I went for the elevator in my school's building, planning to escape to the bathroom to cool down as soon as I reached our floor, then someone tapped me on the shoulder: Sarah was just heading up too. I tried keeping the tears back so she wouldn't notice. Then the elevator opened and Abby and Heather emerged. Whew, they didn't notice. The two of them went on their way but when the elevator shut containing me, Sarah and a random Korean woman, I lost it. Then I cried and laughed simultaneously. After telling her about my excursion, Sarah determined to go back and order the tea, which we did. What a gem, that woman..

Here is what I am learning...

1. Loving is not about what I can or cannot do, but all about Him and His work in my heart.
2. I need to approach love with the sole purpose of letting go of myself and allowing Him to take over.

What a journey.

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  1. Love is truly a supernatural work of God in our hearts! Remember that Jesus was able to show complete and perfect love because his heart was in beat with the heart of the Father.

    We're praying for you. That you would be filled with the love of God and that he would show you ways to let his love overflow to those around you.