Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Though all the staff are followers of Christ, Connexus is not publicized as a faith-based academy. Our students come from all different family backgrounds and experiences to join Connexus with the purpose of learning English in a positive environment. But, God has been providing daily opportunities for His love to be shared in this place.

In my final class of the day we celebrated the birthday of my two eldest students (twin girls). When first arriving, they ran to me, each giving me enormous hugs. If that wasn't enough to make my day! Along with the other two girls in our class, we had a great time eating cake and exchanging gifts while still having time to complete our entire lesson. No complaints from this teacher!

This evening, shortly after classes were finished, I received a homework assignment from one of the birthday-girls and just had to share it:

'Today is my birthday. So my friends give me a presents. I like that so much. And I went to the connexous. Kate teacher, Sally and Allie gave me a present. That was 2 notebook and 3 pens. I like that very much! My best time today was in connexous and night in our house!! I think you would want to go to your home. I will pray instead for you! "Please Kate teacher's family don't became not healthy. Please Kate teacher's parents, sisters and brother became healthy!" Bye!!'

~ A-very-encouraged-and-thankful-Kate-Teacher

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